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Graphic Design for a Conference, a Network, and Beyond: A Conversation with Giant Shoulders

Sarah Lyman, FINE Director of Communications
January 20, 2023
FINE enlisted Giant Shoulders, a strategic branding agency based in Providence, RI, to design the visual identity for the 2023 Northeast Farm to…

FINE Recommendations for Regional Food Business Center Applicants

Peter Allison, Executive Director
November 8, 2022
Introduction Farm to Institution New England (FINE) is a six-state cross-sector network backbone organization working to mobilize the power of…

Partnership of Three New England Communities Receives $969k to Advance Farm to Institution Initiatives

Sarah Lyman, Director of Communications
November 3, 2022
FINE is delighted to announce that we were funded to support a new regional food system partnership of three New England communities, with a $969,000…

$7.7M to Support Local and Regional Food Systems in New England

Sarah Lyman, Director of Communications
November 1, 2022
In the past couple weeks, announcements have come from two important funding sources that support local and regional food initiatives—with New…

Welcome new members of the FINE Network Advisory Council

Peter Allison, Executive Director
July 15, 2022
FINE's Network Advisory Council (NAC) plays a critical role for FINE the organization, as well as the network we serve. The NAC functions as the eyes…

Rooted in Community: A Proposal

Sarah Lyman, Director of Communications
May 18, 2022
A localized approach to growing the farm to institution movement in New England FINE, the Springfield Food Policy Council, the City of New Haven…