FINE Seeks Strategic Planning and Evaluation Consultant

Hannah Leighton, FINE Director of Research and Evaluation

Looking down at the tops of basil and kale plants

Farm to Institution New England (FINE) seeks a consultant to facilitate a 6-10 month strategic planning process beginning in May 2023. Building from existing FINE strategic plans, the consultant will work with FINE staff and advisors to develop a 3-5-year road map for the organization and network that reflects the significant changes our food system and region have undergone in the last decade, and particularly the last three years. The consultant will work with FINE staff and key advisors to ensure that this road map is a practical, agile, and action-oriented tool that drives our work. The consultant will also support FINE in developing organizational evaluation strategies to measure our progress, identify areas for improvement, and adjust course. The consultant will work with FINE to ensure this road map and subsequent evaluation methods are grounded in principles of racial and social justice and that we are centering the voices of those most impacted by this work. Proposals should be submitted no later than April 21st.

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