Food Security on Campus, Part 1

Tania Taranovski, Director of Programs

Creating and Sustaining Food Pantries on Campuses [Webinar]

Recorded October 20, 2021

Hosted by: Farm to Institution New England and the New England Farm & Sea to Campus Network

Always wanted to set up a food pantry on campus, but feeling overwhelmed on how to get started? Created a food pantry but not sure where to get the continued funding or staffing? Join FINE and the New England Farm & Sea to Campus Network (FSCN) for a one-hour webinar to learn more about creating and sustaining food pantries on campuses.

Food pantries can be helpful for combating food insecurity on campus, yet establishing one can feel daunting without the right buy-in, infrastructure, and support. Join speakers Nicole Reilly, Malarie McGalliard, and Maeve Forbes from University of Vermont, and Annie Ciaraldi from UMass Lowell to learn how they established their food pantries and strategies for sustaining food pantries for the long term. From marketing to interdepartmental networking, establishing critical partnerships on campus and in the local community can greatly help you address the rising problem of food insecurity.


Tania Taranovski | Director of Programs, Farm to Institution New England


Nicole Reilly | Sustainability & Campus Partnerships Manager, UVM / Sodexo

Malarie McGalliard | Food Systems Graduate Student, UVM

Maeve Forbes | Student, UVM

Annie Ciaraldi | Associate Dean of Student Affairs for Compliance and Violence Prevention, SPOC for Food and Housing Insecure Students, UMass Lowell

Speaker Bios

Nicole Reilly comes from a registered and clinical dietician background. While initially working in clinical and outpatient settings, she was inspired to work more on prevention. She joined UVM Dining in 2016 to apply her nutrition background to addressing student health and food needs. Nicole is currently the Sustainability and Campus Partnerships Manager at UVM, focusing on academic partnerships, running internships with dining practicums, and co-directing the Food Insecurity Working Group on campus.

Malarie McGalliard is a Food Systems Graduate Student at the University of Vermont where she helps run the school's food pantry, the Rally Cat's Cupboard. After receiving a degree in Business Administration and Marketing at North Carolina State University, Malarie joined AmeriCorps State and National. She previously worked at MANNA FoodBank in Asheville, NC. Malarie helped spearhead the design and implementation of a mobile food pantry that circulated over 2.6 millions pounds of food to nearly 110,000 neighbors in need across 16 counties. After completeing her graduate studies, Malarie envisions working alongside community leaders to build sustainable food systems geared towards empowering individuals to make healthy choices.

Maeve Forbes is a junior at the University of Vermont where she is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies with a Food Systems minor. Maeve leads efforts to address inequities on campus through her work in student government as the Chair of the Committee on Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity and co-parenting the school’s food pantry, Rally Cat’s Cupboard. Maeve is an intern for the Vermont Foodbank, where she focuses on gleaning and distribution efforts among the Burlington community. She recently began a research assistantship for Travis Reynolds where she’s creating a data report on farmers and food security issues in Uganda.

Annie Ciaraldi started at UMASS Lowell over 30 years ago. With experience in various roles on campus, she continues to develop relationships and partnerships with administrators, faculty, and students. Incredibly passionate about supporting students through whatever food or housing insecurity they may face, Annie is an outspoken advocate on campus. From coordinating partnerships with local food banks to establishing the food pantry as a non-profit institution, Annie has created a long-sustaining, robust food resource for the UMass Lowell community.

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