Vince standing in a field, black and white photo

Vince Razionale

General Manager of Farm Connex, Center for an Agricultural Economy

Vince Razionale serves as the General Manager of Farm Connex, one of the programs at the Center for an Agricultural Economy, where he oversees the industrious team working to connect rural farmers and food producers to a variety of market channels. His work within the food system has ranged from being a cheesemonger to working for food and beverage producers of a variety of scales. He gets the most satisfaction and joy in helping build systems within growing organizations that lead to efficiency, customer and employee satisfaction, and creating scalable market opportunities for good food. Throughout work in the food system and in other communities where he works and serves, Vince is continuing to learn and grow on issues of antiracism, queer allyship, food security, and patriarchy-dismantling. He lives in northern Vermont with his partner, two kids, four cats, one dog, and 8 chickens.